Our Handpainted and Wallpaper Pots come with a drainage hole so if you don’t want to worry about watering your plants and them making a mess, we suggest getting your hole filled.

Or you can purchase a pot tray to fit your pot here

It will be hole filled and waterproofed with a special waterproof membrane. Please note: we can not guarantee this will last a lifetime but if you prefer the look of your Arc Pots with no pot tray this is a good option especially with our plant stands. 

We do seal the holes but we advise to check with your nursery if this will suit your plant. We recommend keeping your plant in the plastic pot to prevent root rot. The hole filing will help with leakage from left over water in your plastic pot.

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Shipping varies depending on the size of your pot, if you live interstate and want an XL Terracotta we advise going for the large Lightweight as the extra large Terracotta will need to be sent on a small pallet which increases the shipping amount.