Thessy Kouzoukas


Creative Director of Sabo Skirt

How did you and your sister Yiota come up with the idea to start Sabo Skirt?

Sabo Skirt initially started as a fashion blog, where we took photos of our favourite outfits and trends and wrote about it! We had a lot of enquires about how our followers could access the outfits we were wearing, and back 7 years ago there was hardly any online stores! From there we planned the launch of an online e-commerce store, and used our blog to push products we were selling by incorporating them into the blog.

How did it feel to go from posting your outfits on instagram to being featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list?

From posting our outfits, to starting an online shop, to growing a social media following to over 2 million followers, and then being recognised by Forbes was surreal to say the least! We are extremely grateful and proud for being included in such a prestigious award.  

What’s your ultimate goal for Sabo Skirt?

My ultimate goal for Sabo Skirt is to continue to grow our ranges, work with people we love and provide our customers with one of a kind products that can’t be found anywhere else in the market! 

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How did you find using IVF treatment?

Thank you! Going through IVF for 2 full rounds was challenging at first, but the more I progressed through the cycles, the more it become second nature. I found the first round extremely difficult to cope with mentally, but the second round was a breeze! 

How would you describe your pregnancy journey so far?

I’ve been very lucky with my pregnancy. My first trimester I experienced fatigue and nausea, but both disappeared at 11 weeks! The second trimester has been great, it almost feels like I’m not pregnant (except for when I look down and see that belly!)

What message do you have for women who suffer from Endometriosis?

An early diagnosis can help your future self. If you’re wanting to have a family one day, getting on the of the disease by stopping your period and looking at freezing your young eggs is crucial! 

Describe a day in the life of Thessy Kouzoukas

At the moment, I’m enjoying the last bit of sleeping in I’m going to get for the next few years (or 10). I’ll sleep in til 8:00am every day then head straight to work - I’ll work from 9:00am-5:00pm with a one hour bootcamp session to break up the day and get my exercise in. Most nights I’m either hanging out with my fiancé, my best friend or my dog. Always finished off by a movie as a I fall asleep (pregnant life).

What's your favourite Arc + Family pot?

I’m OBSESSED with my ZULU pot with the cactus at my front door step! 


How did you find adding the pots and plants changed Your Living space ?

Adding Arc + Family pots and plants to my house has completed the house and filled corners/spaces that looked a little bare! Giving your house some greenery adds another dimension to your decor!